Four Styles and Techniques of Wedding Photography

Bride posing for her groom

Every photographer has their way of taking photos. After a lot of years of shooting, you can normally narrow the various techniques and approaches into various style categories. This article has narrowed down to four different typical formats of wedding photography which are normally covered. A lot of photographers will be capable and comfortable in shooting any of them and will permit the couple to select the style that best represents their persona as well as their flair.

There is the wedding photojournalism.

A photojournalistic wedding design of photography usually involves the photographer not being incorporated almost as much as normal. The story is given even though the photographs, as well as the emphasis, is taken off of the usual posed and planned photos. With that style of wedding photography, the wedding photography atlantagaphotographers normally stand on the sidelines and shoot from the background and on doing that, they become as unobtrusive as possible. Nevertheless, the images that are captured put the viewer right in the middle of what is happening. Natural moments are captured which occur in reality without the typical setup and posing a photo. With that kind of photography, the photographer is considered to be a photographic story teller.

There is the traditional wedding photography

As opposed to the first one, this style has a lot of involvement from the photographer. A majority of the portraits are set up and posed which incorporates a more traditional approach to wedding photos. The wedding photography atlantaphotographer plays the role of a director by guiding the wedding party as well as the guests into formations and poses for pictures.

The fashion wedding photography.

This is in line with its name. It focuses on the element of fashion. Brides who as for fashion wedding pictures to be normally captured book studio time outside of a normal wedding day shoot. This makes it possible for the photographer to plan out a session including the more lighting as well as creative techniques. For more info about wedding photography, visit

Trash the dress wedding photography

Just like the name, this type of photography involves the “dirtying” of the wedding dress worn. It is also referred to as “fearless bridal.” Usually, the bride selects this after everything has been said and done to give an innovative option to storing away their wedding dress which they will never use again. The bride can go out to the beach or a fountain, take photos in the streets of a city or on rail roads, in the fields or even get muddy in the woods.


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